Source code for polical.TareaClass

from datetime import datetime
from polical import MateriaClass
from polical import connectSQLite

[docs]class Tarea: """Main class of PoliCal it manages the task its owner and its subject associated""" def __init__( self, id: str, title: str, description: str, due_date: datetime, subject_id: str ): """Class constructor Args: id (str): ID that comes from ICS file title (str): Title of the tasks description (str): Description of the task due_date (datetime): When is due to the task subject_id (str): Subject id that is associated to the task """ = id self.title = title self.description = description self.due_date = due_date self.subject_id = subject_id self.subject = MateriaClass.Materia("Desconocido", subject_id) self.tid = None
[docs] def print(self): """Prints a summary ofthe main elements of the task""" print(, self.title, self.due_date, self.subject_id)
[docs] def define_subject(self, subject: MateriaClass.Materia): """Defines a subject object for the task Args: subject (MateriaClass.Materia): [description] """ self.subject = subject unknown_name = ( str(self.subject.codigo) + ", registre esta materia usando /subject NOMBRE DE LA MATERIA (CODIGO)" ) if == "Desconocido": temp_subject_name = connectSQLite.get_user_subject_name( str(, str(self.username) ) = ( temp_subject_name if temp_subject_name != None else unknown_name )
[docs] def define_username(self, username: str): """Defines task owner username Args: username (str): The username of the user that owns the task """ self.username = username
[docs] def define_tid(self, tid: str): """Defines Trello o Telegram ID associated to this task Args: tid (str): Trello o Telegram ID associated to this task """ self.tid = tid
[docs] def summary(self): """Generate a Summary of the main elements of the task Returns: str: Summary of the task generaly for being sended as Telegram Message """ summary = "*Título*: " + str(self.title) summary += "\n*Descripción*: " + str(self.description).replace( "_", "\_" ).replace("*", "\*").replace("`", "\`").replace("[", "\[") summary += "\n*Fecha de Entrega*: " + str(self.due_date) summary += "\n*Materia*: " + str( return summary